tal shay

me in a nutshell

I get a kick out of helping people achieve their goals in a satisfying way (what ever that means in their case), and strive to design for a positive impact on people’s lives.

I came to the Institute of Design after working for several years, where I realized I needed more tools and methods to help me be better at my job. Previously I worked as an interaction designer and user-interface designer in Israel.

I believe good people focused design rests on three pillars: people, technology and design. Working at a startup company and studying Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, I have made strides in learning about the first two; now it’s time to enhance my knowledge and understanding of design.

When I graduate from the Institute of Design (spring 2010), I plan to be better equipped in dealing with a larger scale of complex problems and systems, and be able to design for other mediums and domains beyond products with screens.

I am now looking for a challenging teamwork based full-time position (starting after June 2010) in design research and concept generation to inform the development of meaningful experiences.

my education

Master of Design Candidate, Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago. Curriculum focused on a methodological and human centered approach to design.

B.A. Psychology, Tel-Aviv university, Israel.
B.A. General & Interdisciplinary studies (focusing on Cognitive Sciences, Digital Culture and East Asian Studies just to spice it up), Tel-Aviv university, Israel.

contact me

email: talmanko@gmail.com
call: (312) 622-5222